Mission-Critical Satellite Networks

Mainstream Data is one of the largest and most experienced fully integrated satellite-based IP connectivity providers in North America. We have commissioned more than 10,000 remote VSAT sites since we installed our first two-way VSAT hub in 2003 - we deliver world-class customized connectivity and hosting solutions for our customers.

Complete Network Control

As an iDirect hub owner and teleport operator, Mainstream Data maintains complete control over all aspects of its network enabling it to provide an unparalleled level of customization for its customers. The company has invested millions of dollars into its owned-and-operated teleport and Network Operations Center (NOC) and has recently contracted with a second world-class independent teleport to provide both geographic and satellite diversity enabling it to offer its customers a higher level of network availability.

Mainstream Data’s focus is providing satellite-based connectivity to enterprise customers for whom Internet or intranet connectivity is mission, revenue, or even life-critical, and to customers who operate in regions that are unserved or underserved by traditional terrestrial infrastructure.

Our solutions include dedicated private networks, business continuity, occasional use, and temporary network services.

Satellite Services and Technology News

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Mainstream Data expands its satellite communications system on the iDirect platform
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Mainstream Data and Keystone Enterprise Services join forces in satellite and wireless services business
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Redundant and monitored... moving massive files never felt so reliable

Around-the-clock service and support
Customize Reporting

See usage reporting best suited for your needs.

Cost Effective

Transmit your data at industry leading pricing.

Ultra Reliability

A rock-solid backbone for the most critical data.

Dependable Uptime

Redundant network to ensure no down time.

Two-Way Network

The most functional two-way satellite technology available.

Error Correction

Forward error correction ensures your files arrive.

Satellite services customized to fit your strategic needs

Occasional Use Solutions

Occasional Use full-speed satellite sessions are typically designed for limited periods of time from a few hours to a few days, and by definition is an unshared channel over the satellite link to the Internet backbone delivering all available speed to your transmission need. Occasional Use is ideal for applications that require the fastest, most reliable transmission speeds immediately.

Simply request time blocks of service that can be used at any time within the defined time window. Mainstream Data’s Occasional Use satellite services are very flexible and are designed to accommodate a wide mix of connectivity needs.

OU Pricing Details

Mainstream Data’s occasional use pricing is the most competitive available anywhere with no compromises to the highest quality transmission and service. Contact us today for a no-obligation pricing quote.

Occasional use features include:

  • No data cap or limit
  • Easy to schedule
  • Dedicated use window
  • Robust connectivity options

Disaster Recovery Solutions

If you lose Internet access to your applications hosted in the cloud, or VoIP-enabled voice connectivity your business operations – and your revenue – come to a standstill. Interruptions to these enterprise-critical services lead to an ineffective staff affecting both productivity and morale, frustrated customers, lost revenue…or worse. Your cable or fiber-based Internet provider may offer 99% availability, but just 99% is not acceptable to your enterprise.

Fibers will get cut, overhead lines will get taken down by accidents or Mother Nature, ISP equipment will fail and disasters will happen and your vital connectivity will be lost – all without advanced warning. If your enterprise cannot tolerate a network outage of even just a few hours, then contact Mainstream Data to see how affordable a customized business continuity service using the latest satellite technologies can be.

We use state-of-the-art satellite communications equipment provided by iDirect to establish reliable and secure IP connections between your remote offices and your central data center or the Internet.  A Layer 3 networking switch constantly monitors your primary IP connectivity and automatically switches to the backup satellite link when the primary (DSL, Fiber, cable) experiences an issue.  Mainstream’s NOC engineers are monitoring your satellite equipment 24x7x365, so you can rest assured that the satellite link will be there when it is needed. Once your primary circuit has been restored, the Layer 3 switch will automatically and seamlessly switch back.

Satellite Business Continuity Service Brief

Download and review our two-page Satellite Business Continuity service description to learn more

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Our system is reliable even in the face of catastrophic events
Get your data to go in the fastest way possible
Ultra-reliable Linkstar Headend Network Hub

Mainstream Data delivers two-way VSAT and broadcast satellite services for our customers' most critical data and communications