Satellite Services for ISP Aggregators


Diversely Routed Redundancy

As an ISP Aggregator, your distributed SME customers value your ability to offer the same level of redundancy across all of their locations, no matter how small the town in which they operate nor how many miles there are between their facilities and the central office or point of presence. But diversely routed circuits are not available in many smaller cities or rural communities thus in many locations, your customers’ likely do not have an adequate business continuity strategy. All they can do is hope that nothing happens to the only IP networking connection between them and their customers, partners, bankers and shareholders. Hope is not a strategy!

As an enterprise-grade satellite hub and teleport owner, Mainstream has complete control over the configuration of its satellite network, thus we are able to customize bandwidth and prioritize applications to provide your customers a better level of service than is possible from satellite companies that primarily provide consumer Internet services.

Mainstream Data has been designing, installing, and managing customized satellite networks since 1986.  Contact us to learn more about Mainstream Data’s satellite-based connectivity solutions for ISP Aggregators.

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