Satellite Services for Healthcare


Secure & Reliable IP Connectivity

Maintaining secure and reliable IP connectivity between your organization’s geographically diverse locations is critical for day-to-day operations. Insurance needs to be verified, Electronic Medical Records and Electronic Health Records need to be accessed from remote data centers, and Radiology Images need to be shared with a specialist for review. Some days, the difference between having and not having IP connectivity could be the difference between life or death. Of course each of your facilities has IP connectivity with your corporate data center, but does it have a diversely-routed secondary IP path that can instantly and automatically take over in the event that the primary connection is lost due to downed telephone poles, cut fibers, human error, or a planned maintenance event?

In smaller cities and especially rural locations, it is not uncommon for ISPs to share the same physical infrastructure, thus while you may already be paying for what you believe to be a backup/secondary circuit, your primary and backup circuits could be at risk of a simultaneous outage. Disasters happen and how much impact they have on your patients, employees, or partners is dependent upon how well you prepared in advance for such events.

Mainstream Data’s Business Continuity service provides connectivity between your facilities, data centers, and partners by establishing a hybrid satellite-terrestrial link between each facility, Mainstream Data’s teleport facilities located remotely in Salt Lake City, UT, and your HQ.

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