Satellite Services for Business Continuity


Satellite Business Continuity Service Brief

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High-level Redundancy

If you lose Internet access to your applications hosted in the cloud, or VoIP-enabled voice connectivity your business operations – and your revenue – come to a standstill. Interruptions to these enterprise-critical services lead to an ineffective staff affecting both productivity and morale, frustrated customers, lost revenue…or worse. Your cable or fiber-based Internet provider may offer 99% availability, but just 99% is not acceptable to your enterprise.

Fibers will get cut, overhead lines will get taken down by accidents or Mother Nature, ISP equipment will fail and disasters will happen and your vital connectivity will be lost – all without advanced warning. If your enterprise cannot tolerate a network outage of even just a few hours, then contact Mainstream Data to see how affordable a customized business continuity service using the latest satellite technologies can be.

We use state-of-the-art satellite communications equipment provided by iDirect to establish reliable and secure IP connections between your remote offices and your central data center or the Internet.  A Layer 3 networking switch constantly monitors your primary IP connectivity and automatically switches to the backup satellite link when the primary (DSL, Fiber, cable) experiences an issue.  Mainstream’s NOC engineers are monitoring your satellite equipment 24x7x365, so you can rest assured that the satellite link will be there when it is needed. Once your primary circuit has been restored, the Layer 3 switch will automatically and seamlessly switch back.

Dedicated to Your Connectivity

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