Satellite Services for Banking


Need for IP Network Diversity

Competition continues to drive innovation in the banking industry. Your customers expect access to their accounts when, where, and how they want it. Don’t let a failed terrestrial ISP connection between you and your customers or your branch and the corporate data center bring business to a standstill. Your customers won’t care if a contractor using a backhoe cut your DSL or fiber connection or if your ISP is performing maintenance; they simply want access to their money…or perhaps want to secure a business loan.

In smaller cities, and especially in more rural locations, it is not uncommon for ISPs to share the same physical infrastructure, thus while you may have proactively planned for a possible interruption and contracted for a backup circuit with a separate ISP, unbeknownst to you, your primary and backup circuits may be sharing the same wires or fiber, and therefore,  could experience a simultaneous outage.

Network outages happen and how much impact they have on your customers and your employees is dependent upon how well you prepared in advance for such events.

Mainstream Data’s Business Continuity service provides connectivity between your remote branches, ATMs, data centers, and headquarters by augmenting your primary terrestrial link between each facility with a secure satellite link between the remote facility and Mainstream Data’s teleport facilities located in Salt Lake City, Utah. The satellite network is then extended from Mainstream Data to the Internet or to your intranet using a diversely routed terrestrial circuit.

Dedicated to Your Connectivity

Mainstream Data will manage your data and drive network connectivity when it matters most