Why You Need Rules-Based Access to Your Content

Having one place to store all of your content—video, images, text—is essential in having your business run smoothly. Part of having a real solution for your brand assets is being able to store ALL of your content on one platform and provide rules-based access to that content – so that the only content users see when they log in is the content they can use. No more issues with outdated or classified content showing up where it shouldn’t.

When you are looking at an asset management system, we think it’s important to look for a solution that helps you make informed decisions.

Putting all your content in one place is powerful, and enabling users to access just the content they are supposed to see is empowering. Wouldn’t it be nice to give a Franchisee one source for all the digital assets they need to run their franchise? Keeping them from seeing expired content, without actually having to remove that content from the system, makes for an effective organization in helping them find content they need, when they need it. The conditional access allows users to access the appropriate content in the office or on the road. This would prevent the awkward situation of franchisees explaining to corporate why they were using expired content and old messages in their stores.