We Have a DAM Problem


Dear IT people,

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room: We haven’t been able to create a digital asset management system that fits all of our needs and we think it’s time to look elsewhere for a solution. Sure, it’s pretty cool that you were able to build something that completely integrates with our website, and it’s pretty awesome that when something breaks, you have the technical ability and understanding to fix it, because you created it. But we need to talk about what doesn’t work with the system and why we need something more in order to make everyone’s lives easier.

  1. It takes way too much time.
    Not only did it end up in production about six months after the second hard deadline, but getting any sort of update seems to take even longer. We get it, your job is important and you need to be doing important IT things. You’re probably way overworked and there aren’t enough hours in the day. I get that you have important demands on your time.But so do I and being unable to create and publish content in a  reasonable amount of time – or at all – is affecting my job too. I shouldn’t have to block out an entire half of a day to publish a post forget finding time to produce enough content to keep up with the rest of our competitors.We need a system that we can get off the ground quickly, and that has the flexibility to fix problems when they come up, or make adjustments to workflow so that we can get content uploaded and published in a more reasonable timeframe. Based on how the last year has gone with this project, I think we need to look for outside resources on this.
  2. It’s got a few quirks.
    Did we mention it takes THREE HOURS to upload a blog post!? This doesn’t include the writing part. This is just the simple uploading and publishing. Something that should be as simple as copy, paste, publish just shouldn’t take that long. And the text color comes in weird sometimes. We’ll publish the blog and it looks like there is no text in there, but really somehow the text was all turned white. It doesn’t happen every time, but often enough to be irritating.\It doesn’t support special characters. We need that accent over the “e”. This isn’t a matter of wants – it needs to be there.And really, we should be able to put in paragraph breaks without having to log in and out three times.
  3. There are lots of bugs.
    We get that bugs are part of the development process. We were patient with the bugs at the beginning of the project (you might disagree based on the number of panicked emails I sent, but I felt like I was holding back a lot). But it takes time out of your day to fix the bugs, if they even make it on your priority list. After six months it seems ridiculous that we still have to let you know about the same problems.If you’re too backed up to get to these bugs, that’s good news, right?  It means you have a lot going on. We don’t want to keep taking you away from your work. The simple solution is to find a pre-packaged DAM system from someone else, then they’d have to deal with the bugs and everyone wins.
  4. It just doesn’t look good.
    No offense, but design of the whole DAM platform looks old and outdated. It’s not intuitive to use and we just don’t like that it looks like something from 2005 – that’s centuries ago in terms of UI and design. Maybe we’re the only ones who care about what it looks like on the inside, but since we’re the ones who use it every day, we don’t want to feel dragged down by the limitations of our system.
  5. Frankly, the biggest reason we need this is that we don’t want to dread doing our jobs anymore. Any time we have to log into the DAM system, it’s scary, time consuming, and hard. When there is an easier solution out there, why wouldn’t we take advantage of it? We would all benefit from it.

There are many solutions out there for a DAM platform. Mainstream Data has a robust solution that allows a company to effectively manage, publish, and monitor their assets. Learn more about it here.


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