Two-Way VSAT

Mainstream Data is in the business of moving media, and, along with our web-based hosting and transfer solutions, we have satellite services to help our customers get their information where they need it to go in the fastest way possible. Is it any wonder then, that the average tenure of Mainstream’s customers is measured not in months or years, but in decades?

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24/7 Monitoring and Support

Part of having a reliable network is being able to consistently monitor it and fix any problems that come up. Plus, our monitoring system, called HAL, makes it easy for our customers to log in and evaluate performance at multiple levels from a quick high level overview, or they can drill down to see detailed site statistical information.


  • Around-the-clock support
  • 24/7 Network Operations Center
  • Customized statistics to monitor delivery

Mission-Critical Communications

When your message is important, it’s critical that nothing get in the way of getting it delivered. Sometimes it can mean the difference between life and death. Mainstream Data has a reliable mission-critical network that is the backbone of the medical industry, and our system is reliable even in the face of catastrophic events.


  • Redundant network to ensure no down time
  • 24/7 monitoring to maintain network
  • Reliable delivery even to remote areas or dead zones


A Network that Covers Your Needs

We have uplinks with the AMC 15 and AMC 16 satellites, so we can transmit data to all of the US (including Hawaii and Alaska) and Canada. We work through a Linkstar headend network hub to manage our 2-way VSAT and broadcast satellite services.

Customized VSAT Solutions

Contact us to see how we can customize a VSAT solution for your team. We have a solid record and a long history of delivering massive amounts of content via satellite and we can come up with a solution that gets your content where you want it, when you want it there.

Digital Cinema

Mainstream Data built the world’s first and largest satellite-based movie delivery network to theaters across North America. Digital delivery changed the movie industry and Mainstream Data was at the forefront of that technology. We can come up with a ground-breaking, multi-platform solution for you too – just like we’ve done for more than 30 years.

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Two-Way Network

Our second generation satellite network employs the latest, most reliable, and most functional two-way satellite technology available. In addition to being extraordinarily cost effective, it’s easy to work with end users and it helps our customers understand more about how and where their data is being transmitted. It also makes it possible to quickly recognize transmission problems and fix them. Simply put, Mainstream’s VSAT works – and works exceptionally well.

Forward Error Correction

It’s best and fastest to transmit large data files via satellite, but sometimes bad weather and confused signals can interfere with transmission. That’s why we use a process called forward error correction to make sure ALL of your files get there the first time and get there in the correct format without any of your important data lost.

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