Newscom’s Olympics 2012 Portal

NewscomsOlympicPortalWith the opening ceremonies less than 48 hours away, we’re ready to see what the world brings to the 2012 Olympics. We’re excited to see what storylines develop, who will break our hearts, and who will take home gold. And with the unprecedented access we’re getting to these games – through TV, internet, and social media, this year’s Olympics are certain to be some of the most memorable to date. And at Newscom, we’re ready to help share the story.

We realize that sometimes it can be hard to dig through more than 70 million graphics, images, videos, and text stories to find an image that works for you. While our search engine is sophisticated and robust, at Newscom we try to make things easier with something we call “SubjectSites”. The sites are dedicated to a specific subject and have only content related to that subject on the portal.

Newscom has recently launched their 2012 London Olympics Newscom site to give our customers and fans quick and easy access to all things related to the Olympics. From athletes to teams to the latest medal ceremony, we’ll have the easiest access to the photos you need to tell your story of the Olympics.

This Olympics site is pretty much exactly the same as the current Newscom we all know and love. You can search for your favorite athletes and events in the search bar, find what you need, and get on with your day – the only difference is that you’re searching just on content related to the Olympics. Or the home page has several preset searches to help you find what you need faster. Looking for the latest medal ceremony? We’ve got a link to the medal ceremonies right on the front page. How about all the photos related to Team USA? Front and center as well. Maybe you just need a picture of the Aquatics Center – kind of a different way to show where all the action is taking place. Or perhaps you just want to see the latest photo of Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte during their epic battle for Olympic headlines. Again, we’ve got quick and easy access to many of the biggest stories coming out of London.

Here’s how the site works:

  1. You can visit the site directly at: Or you can access the Olympics site from the top or bottom navigation menus on We also have a link as part of the rotating images on the front page of Newscom, so you can’t miss the links to get there.
  2. You can login with the same username and password you currently use on Newscom.
  3. Bookmark the page so you can access it every day for the latest content related to these Summer Games.
  4. Find your perfect photo either by doing a search in the search bar (you will only see Olympics-related content your publication is allowed to license), or by clicking on one of the “quick-access” links on the front page of the site that will take you to a pre-set search on that subject.
  5. Download the perfect photo, then feel good about how easy it was to find it.

You can still find all of the same photos on Newscom, you won’t miss out on anything by not visiting the site. But as we’ve talked with customers about what would make their jobs easier, we think this Olympics site will help by narrowing down the search field.

We’ve also put together several photo collections from Newscom and blogged about them on FocalPoint, the official blog for Newscom. So you can also visit that channel to see more of what Newscom has to offer.

Please tell us if there is something more we can do to make finding the right photo even easier. OR you could tell us what kinds of photos you look for most regularly and you’d like to have easier and more direct access to that kind of content. We’ll listen.