Newscom’s 2012 US Presidential Election Portal


We’re almost exactly one month out from the 2012 US Presidential election 1 hour loans lenders (voting day is November 6), and October is pretty much a neck and neck tie between the two candidates. It’s a political junkie’s dream. For the rest of us, it’s a time of studying, reflection, and decision (or, as my husband keeps threatening to do, time to flip a coin).

No matter where your personal political affiliations lie, or whether you think Barack Obama or Mitt Romney will be a better choice as president for the next four years, odds are you’re going to be hearing a lot about the election and will be sharing a lot about the election.

At Newscom, we realize that our customers need quick and easy access to the storylines they care about. Whether it’s about the latest gaffe from either candidate, what Michelle Obama wore at the latest campaign rally, or what Gary Johnson is up to, we’re ready to give you the best coverage of all things related to this presidential election. Because it seems that almost every day there is a new story coming out or a new angle to debate, it was easy for us to see that almost every one of our customers was going to be licensing pictures of everything related to the election regularly.

So, much like we did with our 2012 Olympics portal, we set up a special portal on Newscom that just has election content on it. The site is pretty much exactly like the Newscom we all know and love (like one click-access to download a photo along with easy and quick searching) but it only has images, graphics, videos, and text related to the election, the candidates, and the people who have made headlines in this campaign cycle.

The front page of the portal has quick and easy access to the biggest stories in the election. We have one-click access to all the photos of Obama or Romney you need. We also have easy access to the graphics and caricatures that you’ll need to really cover every aspect of this election for your readers. If there is anyone who has made a headline in the last year during the run-up to the face-off between these final two candidates, we’ve got quick links to find their latest images as well (think about all the former candidates for the Republican nomination for president).

You can find the pictures you need to use without having to dig through all the extra stuff.

Much like how the Olympics portal worked, here’s how the presidential election portal works:

  1. You can visit the site directly by going to: Or you can access the site by going to the front page of and clicking on the “Presidential Election” link in the top navigation menu.
  2. Bookmark the site so you can quickly find the photo you need whenever a last-minute story comes up.
  3. Login to the site with the same username and password that you use on Newscom.
  4. Find the perfect photo either by searching in the search bar (where you’ll only search on content related to the election – so if you try to search for pictures of peanut butter, you probably won’t get any results, unless Mitt Romney has an obsession with peanut butter and always has a jar on him…) or you can search with any of the quick access links we have on the front page. We tried to make the front page as easy as possible for you and has just about every subject related to the election there from the candidates themselves to their wives, to the also-rans, and more.
  5. Download the perfect photo and then move on with your life.

All of these election-related images can still be found on Newscom, we just wanted to make access to those images quicker. We think this election portal will help make it easier to find the perfect photo because we’ve already narrowed down the search field for you.

You can also find several photo collections related to the election on FocalPoint, Newscom’s official blog.

Good luck in sharing all the stories that will come out in the next month or so, we have a feeling that we’ll be hearing a lot more about the candidates over the next several weeks, so we’re buckling down for the long haul.