One Platform, Hundreds of Partners

Easily search across content from hundreds of different partners on one platform. MediaSphere’s customizable solution works with your system to make your content available all at once.

Mainstream Data has built a powerful image and video ingestion platform for a large software company.

One System for All Their Content

Our customer's solution brings all of the content from hundreds of different photographers and media agencies onto one, easy, searchable site. A complex solution that makes work easy by managing pricing, geographic restrictions and re-use.

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The Mega Agency knew when they wanted to launch a new company and image platform that Mainstream Data would have the right solution for them.


MediaSphere is a complete content platform. Add, store, manage, deliver, and license content all from one platform - making it simple to monetize and deliver your content to your customers. It's what The Mega Agency uses to manage content from all the partners and photographers. And it's an effective way for their clients to search for and license images.


Media Asset Management

A single media agnostic platform that supports all of your images, graphics, text, and videos on one single, searchable platform.


  • Integrates content from multiple providers
  • Seamlessly combines customer-owned assets with other content providers

Manages Rights, Pricing, and Restrictions

Supports thousands of users around the world with content from hundreds of different providers. MediaSphere makes it possible to manage your archive and users easily from one place.


  • Serve thousands of users simultaneously
  • Manages complex rights and pricing algorithms
  • Restricts content by geography, publication type, and user



One platform for all your content providers means only one search to find the right image, video, or text story. It saves time and money.


  • Advanced search by content type, pricing, or date
  • Search by licensing rights

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