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MediaShowroom delivers world-class digital media licensing platforms to accelerate your time to market and increase media sales.

Endemol Shine Group needed a video asset management system to host, manage, and allow their clients to remotely screen and download their vast video library ... and they needed to have it operational within four weeks.

MediaShowroom Solution

Learn more about how Mainstream Data helped eliminate costly DVD production and shipping for Endemol, tracked interest in their programs to increase sales, and created an effective mobile solution for their product.

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Mainstream Data put together a showroom for Hasbro so that they could host and license their digital videos. It was an effective solution for them to manage and monetize their digital media.

Video Showroom

Learn more about Mainstream Data's MediaShowroom so you can see if this platform - with a robust mobile application - could work for your business.

Product Info

Flexible Storage that Scales

Start with a storage level that fits your media library. Effortlessly increase storage as needed.


  • Stout redundancy at every tier
  • Upload and tag new media 24/7
  • Grow from GB to TB with ease

Sophisticated User Management

User management is a snap for both production companies and program managers. Add users on the fly and know exactly what media they screen and when. Invite users to collaborate on projects.


  • Hold back media for private pre-screening
  • Invite team members to screen favorites
  • Collaborate with colleagues on projects


Deep Metrics That Capture User Engagement

Know what users want with MediaShowroom’s deep and wide metrics capture. We deliver reports on user viewing, downloads, and more to inform your sales and marketing team so they know what’s working.

User Tracking Reports

MediaShowroom tracks detailed activity at every user level to maximize sales opportunities.

  • Track download activity by user
  • Download metrics for external use
  • Track user activity on-demand

Closely Track Media

MediaShowroom generates sales and marketing opportunities with media-level metrics.

  • Track downloads and views for a single piece of media
  • Streamline sales cycles
  • Improve workflows

Engaging Experiences

Track every second of user screening on videos, know what content customers want based on their metrics.

  • Screening time capture by user
  • Identify popular content
  • Increase sales with media promotion
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