Reliable Connection

The leading global providers for news and media rely on MediasFTP to move their images and video to their customers.Companies like Reuters, epa, Agencia EFE, Splash News, and many other depend on MediasFTP to push their content quickly.

High-Speed Delivery

MediasFTP gets your content in front of your clients first – and ahead of your competition. It delivers content all around the world at incredible speeds. Not only is it way faster than sending out hard drives, it is far better than other generic FTP options on the market.

Simple Setup & Automation

MediasFTP is simple to set up and you can control what content you send to which clients. This simple process for addressing and permissioning content and clients makes sending out content faster than ever before. Simply set it up once and let MediasFTP do the work for you.

Getting it there first

Splash uses MediasFTP to get their content from the red carpet or the streets to their clients before their competition.

Fast, reliable, and secure

Splash chose to use MediasFTP because it was the fastest, most reliable solution for their content. In an industry where speed means almost everything, MediasFTP helps Splash stay ahead of their competition.


Delivery Monitoring and Statistics

MediasFTP is integrated with out web-based monitoring system so you can track where and when your files were delivered to each of your destination sites. No more phone tag, no more time wasted in guessing – use real-time data to track your files straight to each of your customers.


  • Real-time monitoring
  • Monitor individual files
  • Track transfer rates and delivery time

Sophisticated Permissioning

MediasFTP has a highly flexible configuration on a user-by-user basis so you control distribution to specific clients based on FTP folders or specific metadata in your images and videos.


  • Custom permissions based on users
  • Manage individual files
  • Automatic permissioning


Priced to Make You Happy

Starting at $250 per month, you can build your own FTP service from there. Our basic setup starts with 10 sites and goes up from there depending on how many customes you need to send your content to.


  • Pay only for what you use
  • Flexible pricing
Custom pricing based on your

Our Pricing Plans

Additional Sites


Per site
    Need to send to more than 10 sites? No problem. Each additional site after 10 is only $15 per site per month.

    Additional Data


    Per site
      Need to send more than 50GB of data to one or more
      sites? Get more date a $5 per 50GB per site per month.

      For any questions regarding our pricing plans above, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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