Make eBooks a Powerful Tool for Your Business

At Mainstream Data, we work with a lot of different companies that are constantly creating and publishing content all over the world. We’ve seen every format of content imaginable over the last quarter-century, and we’ve been around to watch new formats change the content landscape like ebooks are doing today.

You’ve probably had at least a few offers in your inbox inviting you to download someone’s latest ebook. Everyone seems to be jumping on the ebook bandwagon, from photo agencies looking for a way to highlight big stories, to major corporations, to the small mom and pop flower shop around the corner that just published an ebook on the best times for planting.

Because they’re a relatively new way to publish, it may seem a bit intimidating or daunting to think about how you can best utilize ebooks in your company. But we’ve just published a white paper that can help you get started in the ebook world and help you make your content (text, videos, images, graphics, and more) even more accessible to your readers.

The key to eBooks is that they’re designed so that your content adapts to the user – his device, constraints, and reading preferences – rather than making the user adapt to your content. While that PDF marketing document about how impressive your company is might look good on a computer screen, potential customers will soon tire of scrolling all over the page to try to find useful information. eBooks facilitate content accessibility, no matter where, when, or how the reader accesses it. What business doesn’t want its content more accessible?

Our white paper will introduce you to the world of ebooks and give you ideas on how you can create ebooks for your company.