Mainstream Data Selects pixolution Technology for Visual Photo Search

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BARCELONA, SPAIN, June 10, 2013 – Mainstream Data Inc. and pixolution GmbH announced today that they have signed a technology licensing agreement that dramatically enhances the search capabilities of Mainstream’s photo websites including Newscom ( and Pixation Images (

The pixolution technology is based on searching for images visually through features including visual similarity search, search by color, auto context, and similarity weighting.  These features will be integrated into Newscom and Pixation Images’ websites, providing Mainstream and its websites with the most advanced, intelligent photo search capability in the industry.

“We believe that Newscom’s customers, which include prominent magazines, book publishers, web sites, and broadcasters will see a dramatic improvement in the way they search for and find images,” said Scott E. Calder, President and CEO of Mainstream Data. “What this technology addition does for our customers is to bring together the world’s most inclusive library of digital media with the world’s best visual search technology.”

Using this leading-edge intelligent search technology, Newscom and Pixation Images’ customers can instantly find precisely the image or images they are searching for from the 78,000,000 images in the world’s largest multi-agency library of digital media (Newscom).

In addition to dramatically improving Newscom’s search capabilities, Mainstream will also offer pixolution’s advanced visual search capability to its web site design and hosting clients, who are located across North America, Asia, and Europe. These major photo agencies will also benefit from the ability to add sophisticated visual element search capability to their photo web sites that Mainstream builds and manages for them.

Professor Doctor Kai Barthel, CEO and founder of pixolution, noted, “We are honored to have been selected by Mainstream Data as a primary visual search technology partner. Mainstream is the world leader in delivering advanced web sites for visual media companies, and Newscom’s enormous library of photos benefits immensely from our breakthrough search technology. Together we make a great team.”

About pixolution

pixolution GmbH, based in Berlin, Germany, is an independent, privately held company that makes managing the growing number of digital images and assets easier, faster, and more entertaining. pixolution was founded in 2009 and closely cooperates with the University of Applied Sciences, Berlin Hochschule für Technik und Wirtschaft, (HTW Berlin).

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About Mainstream Data

Mainstream Data, based in Salt Lake City, Utah, USA, is the world leader in providing software applications and services for the storage, management, display, and delivery of multimedia content. Global press associations, stock and news photo agencies, major newspapers, broadcasters, and websites depend upon Mainstream’s technology to conduct their business—every minute of every day. In addition, Mainstream provides and operates survival dependent satellite networks for news agencies, content distributors, movie studios, and critical care information companies and has done so for more than 25 years.

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About Newscom

Newscom is the largest multi-agency library of digital media in the world, with more than 78 million objects in its archive including graphics, video clips, news stories, and digital images. With nearly 150 photographer and agency partners adding as many as 100,000 additional photos and videos daily, we serve digital media to the major (and minor) newspapers, magazines, broadcasters, and websites around the world. Newscom’s collections include extensive libraries of editorial news and celebrity/entertainment photographs, creative images, historical photos, and compelling sports content.

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