Introducing Newscom’s Newest Partners

One of the appealing things about using Newscom is that the odds of finding what you need, when you need it, are pretty great. This is because we’ve worked hard to become a one-stop shop with all different kinds of content in one place. We also work with photographers and agencies all over the world so our content has a worldwide focus that few other agencies can achieve.

And we’re always adding new partners, so our collection continues to stay diverse and up-to-date with the latest trends in photography and news in the world.

We’ve added some really great and exciting partners over the last little bit and we wanted to highlight some of our newest partners and why their collections are so great.


Water Rights

We love this new collection focusing on all things water. Above the water, under the sea, things affected by water, and even frozen water. It’s a fresh, relaxing look at stock photography. Seriously, spend 10 minutes in their collection and you’ll forget the stress of work and wish you were lying on an inflatable tube in a pool somewhere.

According to their site, they shoot water “in the literal, abstract and subliminal, and all that is related to the solution in every form – vaporous, liquid and frozen, motionless, fluid, rushing, patterned, raging and lustrous.” I wouldn’t have called pictures of water “lustrous” before, but after looking through their collection I’ll give them a pass on word choice.

Check out a blog introducing Water Rights to our clients.

Or visit Newscom directly to see more images from Water Rights.


Image Source

Image Source is a high-end stock photography site. With images ranging from well-styled shots that show everyday life to beautiful juxtapositions of the absurd, this creative photography collection has a unique set of RF and RM images you won’t find on every other stock site.

From their website: “Image Source’s mission is to be consistently recognized for its vision, innovation and creativity across all image categories and license types.”

Their collection is beautiful and, as someone who has spent weeks of my life looking through stock photography for the right photo, I appreciate that this collection really does feature models from multiple ethnicities.

Visit Newscom to see more images from Image Source.



Be warned that you should definitely eat lunch before looking at these photos. I’m starving now.

Food and Drink Photos (I’m sorry, it’s so hard to type it up as all one word) is a deliciously appetizing collection of images related to food. Going far beyond Instagram snapshots of someone else’s lunch, these images show food at various stages of the consumption process. From fields growing carrots to farmers’ markets, to delicious-looking gift baskets full of goodies, to a strawberry torte on the table, to major cultural celebrations involving food, you can find everything food (and I could keep going, but I was starting to feel like my list was getting awkwardly long and people would stop reading and try to find the end).

The only complaint that I have about the collection is that it makes me feel bad about my food choices. It’s hard to feel good about myself eating my PB&J (on fluffy white bread!) when I see pictures of a kid’s school lunch that has humus, cucumber sticks and organic apple juice (from apples grown in small organic orchards in Europe – that’s kind of snooty apple juice, right?).

Visit Newscom to see more images from Foodanddrinkphotos.


Yuri Arcurs/picture alliance/Newscom. License it from dpacreative167314


Newscom, in addition to offering photography stills and video clips, now offers audio though our partnership with Audiosocket.

The music tracks are perfect for background music on a video, or sample tracks on an eBook about music theory, or any other reason you’d want to use audio (I’m trying to keep my lists shorter).

I love searching the Audiosocket site. I was a little unsure at first on where to start, because I’ve been searching images for forever and I wasn’t sure how to put into keywords the type of music I was envisioning. But the search options make finding the perfect tune to fit your needs easy and natural because you can search by genre, mood, theme, vocals, instruments, and tempos. It’s awesome.

Check out their collection on Newscom.

Visit Newscom and set up an account to get images (or audio!) that can fit any of your creative needs. If you want to see more great collections from Newscom check out our blog, Newscom FocalPoint.