Introducing MediaShowroom

For nearly 30 years Mainstream Data has been a top technology partner in the news media, movie, pager, and photo businesses. Now we’re taking our technology talents to the small screen with our latest product, MediaShowroom.

We’ve always been a leader in providing digital asset management platforms for the world’s leading media companies, and now we’re focusing our video asset management technology into a robust and powerful video screening platform that allows TV production companies to move their content into the 21st century.

Today, we wanted to give you an inside look at what exactly MediaShowroom has to offer:

Flexible Storage

There are many reasons to love MediaShowroom’s storage offerings, one is the flexibility it provides. With our Basic package, you start with 100GB of storage, and as the content you have grows, MediaShowroom grows with you, charging $.50 for every added Gigabyte. Even with the increased amount of content, our servers are able to keep functioning at the same fast speed you expect them to.

ipurestockxthree007668Automatic Transcoding

MediaShowroom is able to automatically transcode your files into whatever format your potential customer needs. It doesn’t matter if they’re watching the program online or downloading it onto their computer. We have the transcoding expertise to make sure it shows up on their screen in the highest quality.

User Engagement Metrics

MediaShowroom is able to track how viewers are engaging with your content. You can see how long they watch, where they start and stop, if they skip anything, and exactly when they drop off completely and leave the program. This is invaluable knowledge that helps you understand how your videos perform and market them to the right customers. Instead of wasting time on a guessing game of what might perform well with viewers, you can save time and instantly see results from our analytics.

Extremely Secure

Security is a big concern for anyone managing content in the cloud, and MediaShowroom takes that concern seriously. We protect your programs from being seen by unwelcome eyes or stolen and distributed. You control who sees your content at all times, so your clients only have access to the programs you want them to see. MediaShowroom makes it easy to manage users – even adding and deleting them, so you’re in control of your user lists.

Enjoyable User Experience

MediaShowroom’s layout is simple and clear, eliminating any user frustration, and setting you up for a great customer relationship. MediaShowroom has extensive search capabilities, including saved searches, so your users can always find their way back to the content they loved.

The experience isn’t just good for the screener, you can easily manage all your videos. Uploading new content is easy and with just a few clicks you can move files around to group them together or separate them, depending on what you need your content to do.


You can start with a basic package of $499 a month, and as you grow we can customize the package to grow with you. You’ll never be charged for more storage than fits your needs.

MediaShowroom is the best cloud-based storage and viewing option for TV production companies and screeners. Learn more by visiting MediaShowroom. Sign up for a free trial there, or contact us to learn more about how MediaShowroom can take your programs further.

Not in the TV production business? That’s fine. Continue to explore other products and services from Mainstream Data.