[INFOGRAPHIC] Understanding How Newscom Works

We frequently get together with our clients and prospective clients to figure out how we can make our products work better for them. We were recently meeting with some prospective Newscom clients and they asked us to explain exactly how Newscom works.

We work so hard to get the word out there that Newscom has the best photos anyone could want, but sometimes the message gets lost about exactly how we get those photos, how they’re used, and what people can do with them once they license them. So we decided to put together a brief infographic showing a little bit of how Newscom works, and give you a refresher on what goes on behind the scenes of the world’s largest multimedia content library.

The short explanation is that Newscom acts as the middle man in photo licensing. Here’s how it goes: we have partnered with 140 photo agencies and photographers from all around the world and they send their photos in to us daily. We have partners on every continent and the agencies we work with have photographers all over the world too. So we feel pretty confident that we cover the entire world in viewpoint and news.

We receive roughly 30,000 images, graphics, videos and text stories every day (mostly images). We license those images to our clients at a variety of publications. Our clients are mostly made up of photo editors, but many of them are also researchers, art directors, graphic designers, producers, and creative directors. We work with textbook publishers, magazines, newspapers, websites, broadcasters, and ad agencies to help them find and license the images they need to tell their stories.

Though our name is “news”com, we really license a lot of content that’s not news related. Most of the content we license, about 31%, is celebrity related. That includes movie stills, celebrities at red carpet events, promotional photos, and paparazzi. News-related imagery makes up 28% of the content we license, but 24% is creative content that includes travel, historical, stock, and even cute animal pictures. 17% of the content we license is sports related.

As further proof that we do much more than news, a full 83% of the content licensed from Newscom has been in our archive for more than one month. That means our clients are looking for and finding the exact photo they need regardless of how old the photo is.

We say “photo”, but Newscom licenses and archives more than images. We are a multimedia archive, and along with images we host graphics, cartoons, and illustrations; videos; text stories; and even audio clips. Our archive is made up of 86 million objects. Most of those are images, but we have a fair amount of video content and graphics.

That’s a quick overview of how Newscom works. If you’re curious to learn more, you can read more about image licensing and how that works here and here. You can read about some of the photography agencies we’ve recently partnered with here. If you’re interested about the future plans we have for Newscom technologically, you can read about our partnership with Pixolution and their search technology here.

If you’d like to learn more about how Newscom works, feel free to get in contact with us. Otherwise, enjoy the infographic below (click to enlarge).

newscom introduction infographic