How To Create A Great Channel On YouTube


In a previous blog, we explored how some of the top companies in the nation are increasing awareness of their brand on YouTube. While this will certainly help when modeling how a brand wants to market its content YouTube, it’s important for a brand to be aware of what kind of channel it is managing. A new report by Touchstorm, a video marketing company, looked at the top performing channels on YouTube and what makes them successful. In addition to analyzing what makes the top brands successful, it explores the techniques utilized by all top rated content providers. This will help brands take advantage of all the best methods for generating a strong viewership on their videos. [You can get a copy of the report here, it’s free but they do require some personal information.]

According to the report, “Of the Top 5,000 channels on YouTube, only 74 – fewer than 2% – are brands. That means the other 4,926, who run the gamut from musicians, teenagers with webcams, and professional content producers, have vastly out-performed brands in finding an audience for their content.” Figures such as these may seem daunting for brands, but they’re also telling and this report explores how to amend these issues. Brands do, indeed, have a long way to go in order to gain a tighter grip on viewership and realizing YouTube’s potential.

Something to be mindful of is YouTube’s heritage core demographic, the young male. As the report puts it, “this tends to force ‘4G’ Brands to the top – any channel that has girls, guitars, gadgets, and gaming has a natural leg up in this list.” So while a brand definitely wants to increase views and especially subscribers, depending on its goals, a particular demographic may not be beneficial to building the brand with the right people for what the company is offering. If a brand sells posters of guitars or gadgets, this may be perfect, but if they’re a personal financing firm, they may want to invest their efforts elsewhere.

The top five companies on YouTube are Google, Red Bull, Marvel Entertainment, Barbie, and GoPro. Though four of those top five may appeal to the “4G” crowd, it’s not likely that Barbie has many “young male” viewers. So there is something to be said for recognizing potential viewer demographic and finding ways to reach out to the people who may specifically be interested in a given product offered by a brand. In our previous blog covering the way the top brands produce on YouTube, we analyzed a Pixability study, and it turns out that amongst the top 10 brands in the world, only Google is in the top five on YouTube. Having a global grasp doesn’t automatically boost a brand’s channel presence on YouTube, which should be exciting since it shows there are other ways to move up the ranks than having the most money.

Here are the top five things attributed to YouTube success from the study:

  1. Defining the competition broadly will help you succeed – When it comes to YouTube, it’s all about innovation since brands compete with people who aren’t playing by the same rules as brands competing with each other for market share or share-of-voice. It’s not as simple as chasing the success of another brand.
  2. Don’t underestimate the power of YouTube competitors – Half of all video watching is happening on YouTube and share-of-voice losses have been felt by industries keeping large amounts of their marketing relegated to television. One of the first changes brands need to make to win on YouTube is simply refusing to abdicate the medium going forward.
  3. Time is of the essence – It takes 43 million views make the YouTube 5000 list, but six months ago, it was 36 million. YouTube is growing fast.
  4. Winning on YouTube is a two-part formula – The channel for a brand needs to understand which “conversation categories” to participate in and how to appropriately produce and market content for them.
  5. Mimic the behavior of YouTubers – Brands need to focus less on messages they want audiences to hear and more on producing content their audience wants to see. This will generate viewers and make them more likely to be open to what a brand wants to sell.

Employing the methods and techniques to build a great channel on YouTube may seem a little counterintuitive and convoluted in some ways, but with the right tools, it doesn’t have to be a headache. With tools like automated delivery workflows, usage analytics, workflow API integrations and video asset grouping, it can be done painlessly. Mainstream Data offers such tools with its groundbreaking Video Asset Management. The potential YouTube offers to brands is exponential and there isn’t a better way to optimize the distribution of video content than with Mainstream Data.

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