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MediaShowroom  – Case Study

Endemol Shine Group needed a video asset management system that allowed them to digitally share their programs in the cloud, on mobile devices, and through downloads with their current and prospective clients – so they could stop shipping DVDs all over the world.


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Use Case

Video screening room with detailed analytics, mobile support, and download features


The screening room helps Endemol Shine Group be more responsive to their client’s needs

About Endemol Shine Group

Endemol is the largest  independent television and digital media production company in the world. It comprises a global network of around 90 companies in more than 30 countries and is  headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. The company annually produces over 350 series across genres, including entertainment, reality TV, game shows, comedy, drama, sport, kids programming, factual, docu-dramas and features.

Endemol works with roughly 400 broadcasters, digital platforms and licensees worldwide.  The business covers development, production, marketing, distribution, franchise management and multi-platform initiatives such as gaming, apps and digital video.

Credits include international hits such as Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Wipeout, The Money Drop, and Your Face Sounds Familiar. The company’s growing drama and comedy portfolio includes Hell on Wheels, Hot in Cleveland, Kirstie, Leverage, Home and Away, Death Comes to Pemberley, Emmy Award winning Black Mirror, Ripper Street, Peaky Blinders, and the forthcoming World War I drama The Crimson Field for the BBC.

Jason Jefferyes

Based in London, Jason Jefferyes is a systems administrator for Endemol Shine Group. We interviewed him for this case study.

The Challenges

Endemol faced a few challenges screening their content with clients. Only one of those challenges was cost. Their existing screening process worked, but it had some disadvantages. The primary process required a client to visit Endemol’s website or contact their salesperson to create an order for one or more programs. The next morning a DVD would be produced and shipped out to a client. Endemol was sending out some 14,000 DVDs a year.

While shipping prices varied depending on where the DVD was being sent, just producing the DVD was ~$20 USD! From the outset, the screening room practically eliminated those costs. The proposed DVD phase-out timeline of 12 months was quickly reduced to 3 months time due in large part to the accelerated adoption of the screening room by Endemol administrators and customers.

The ease of going away from DVDs also expedited the transition. One of the big advantages of the Endemol set up was the ability for clients to download as well as stream content.

Another challenge Endemol faced was time. The screening room eliminates the production and shipping time associated with DVDs.

Endemol faced another challenge every company continually faces: trying to improve their communication with their clients, while trying to better meet their client’s needs. Tracking how their clients engaged with their content was a very manual process that involved the client requesting a DVD online and then requiring a sales person to track them down via the phone to see whether the client wanted to buy that content and what they’d like to see more of.

Today the screening room helps them track engagement data about their customers – searches, views, user activity, downloads, and more.


How Endemol Uses MediaShowroom

Now, we can track everything from who viewed it,
how long they’ve looked at it, and if they’ve downloaded or streamed it.Jason Jefferyes, Endemol

        Today Endemol relies on the accessibility of having all their content on one platform for their clients to search, find, and view – a one-stop solution for their clients that reflects positively on Endemol. Programs are available any time their customers want to view it anywhere in the world with an internet connection – though if a user wants to download it and watch it later away from the office without an internet connection, that’s possible too.

The screening room helps Endemol be more responsive to their client’s needs. Adding new programs is fast and directing new clients to existing content is even faster.

It seems to be working too. Since Endemol went live with 800 users, they’ve tripled their number of active users to 2,400 and continue to add several new ones every week.


Mainstream Data has helped Endemol successfully manage their digital content with the screening room – and we continue to grow our partnership today.

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