Digitally Empowered Consumers are Taking Control

digitally empowered consumers

A close friend of mine runs a BBDO digital shopper marketing agency and she recently noted that they identified more than 550 viable digital mobile and online shopper applications available to today’s digitally empowered consumer. We’ve come a long way from 1924 when General Mills launched the ‘Betty Crocker Cooking School of the Air’.

In the days when radio, print and television were a brand’s only three marketing channels, they could expect to reach at least 80% of their targeted consumers through a single campaign. Today, in a world where digitally empowered consumers are taking control of who, what, where, when and how brands of their choosing are allowed to communicate with them through channels – mobile, online, social media, broadcast (television, cable, and OTT media), digital signage and print – of their choice, brands need to produce, manage, and deliver their content to, and through, hundreds of channels just to reach a fraction of their targeted consumers. Add to this the challenges of creating and delivering meaningful and relevant content to your audience in a world where during every minute of every day,

  • Facebook users share more than 690,000 pieces of content.
  • YouTube users upload more than 48 hours of video.
  • More than 575 websites are created.
  • Google receives more than 2,000,000 search queries.
  • Consumers spend more than $295,000 on e-commerce.

According to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, we’re creating and adding as much content to the global ‘library’ every two days as there existed between the dawn of civilization and 2003!

Imagine the challenges facing brands in a world where shoppers expect brands to provide valued and free information to the global community and then at the click of a specific ‘digital’ button by an individual somewhere on the planet- that same brand has to provide personally relevant content. Brands have traditionally created specific content for a specific campaign that has had a ‘shelf-life’ of weeks, maybe months. In today’s digital world, brand content has infinite ‘shelf-life’ where telling your entire brand story has infinite value. All of the brand’s history valuable brand assetsarchive in the form of photographs, audio recordings, documents, graphics, artwork, film and video now have incredible potential and value. All of that material held in cardboard boxes in a closet or held on some remote (and most likely unknown) hard drive somewhere on the corporate system has tremendous brand storytelling value. They’ve become valuable brand assets in today’s digital landscape.

Imagine leveraging and delivering all of those assets though all of those digital shopper-marketing channels in a meaningful and measured manner! The value to brand management, loyalty and awareness is immense.

How and where do I begin to leverage all of my brand assets you may ask?

A few short years ago, Brand Chief Marketing Officers would mention in passing how nice it would be to have a digital asset management system. Given the expectations and control of today’s digitally empowered shopper a brand digital asset management can no longer be dismissed as a ‘nice to have’. The implementation of a digital asset management solution that not only allows you to collect and curate all of your brand assets in a meaningful manner across your enterprise but also allows you to publish and deliver all relevant content to its intended audience or destination is an absolute ‘must have’.  In order to leverage your brand assets to meet both the expectations of today’s shopper and your internal marketing campaign management ROI it is imperative that you implement a solution that provides the following:


  1. A readily scalable Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution that handles all formats. Preferably the solution is private cloud-based to ensure speed to market and avoid technology obsolescence. Your provider should also have in-house expertise in media management, API interface and delivery software development.
  2. Seamless integration of a complete content configuration and transcoding engine to ensure that your content is presented correctly regardless of the display device.
  3. An infrastructure to publish and deliver any, and all, of your content anywhere in the world, to, and through, any available channel be it social media (Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), mobile applications, websites (WordPress, Drupal, etc.), digital signage, external print partners, agency partners, etc.
  4. The ability to provide full monitoring, delivery compliance, usage audits and metrics for any, and all content access and delivery activities.

Remember, this is no longer an option. This is what today’s digitally empowered shopper already expects!

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