DAM Marketing: Make Your Content Do More


Any good businessman knows that marketing is what drives sales. The bottom line is to increase the bottom line, and that is done through marketing. As consumers step into an advertised world, they are becoming more adept at avoiding those ads. Companies need to produce content that will make the busy consumer look at, as opposed to glance at, an advertisement.

It’s a tricky balance. We want good advertisements. But we also want inexpensive ones. Often, those two don’t coexist. We also don’t want it to take much of our time.

Time and money.

Isn’t that what business always gets down to?

You’ve probably heard of the new marketing trend called cross-channeling. Most businesses know this is what they should and need to be doing, but don’t understand how to implement it. Cross-channel marketing is vital to helping your business stay on top of the industry. And it will save you time and money.

Get updated. The 30 second TV ad has been dethroned with consumer collaboration now wearing the crown. Major corporations like Coca Cola and Old Spice have figured it out. You should too. Interacting with your digitally empowered consumer across all the channels where they can access your content is important, and it comes through cross-channel marketing.

Take this example:

Lilly is walking downtown and passes your store, where she sees in-store advertising about a new electronic. The name doesn’t really mean anything, but the picture of the electronic sparks a memory of a Facebook promotion she saw, and she is pretty sure a discount for all Facebook friends was attached. With no time to stop now, she scans the QR code at the bottom into her smartphone. Later as she’s finding more information on her phone, she realizes she’d like to know some of the reviews this electronic is receiving. She copies the link and product number into a browser on her laptop when she gets home. There she finds the product easily because it’s the same picture she’s been seeing across all the different marketing channels. She also finds positive reviews on the product with a link to what users of this electronic are saying on Twitter. Again finding positive news, she proceeds the next day to purchase the electronic at the store.

You have just experienced cross-channel marketing.

Or Lilly has.

It can be time consuming to work in the same or similar content across multiple platforms and doing it all by hand would be exhaustive for every campaign every time. That’s why a digital asset management platform is so essential for marketing. Armed with the right tools, you’re almost ready to hit the ground of modern marketing running.

Cross-channel marketing is only effective if it can be done easily. The point of cross-channel marketing is that you spend less time, resources, and creative effort in creating the content that sells your brand, and more effort getting more value out of that content – making it go further. That’s why you need a DAM platform.

Asset management system.

You need a place to upload all of your content for management. Just begin to think about how much content your company has. Take in everything from the ads placed on taxis to pictures posted to Pinterest to press releases to investor reports to Twitter updates to infographics … now stop thinking before you get a headache. Each individual franchise around the world is creating marketing pieces for their region. Each franchise is operating independently. What if you created one piece of content, and it was used across the world? Franchises would have access to it instantly, and you as the boss would be able to control just what content employees are able to see so they’re using only the most current.

How many times have you visited a franchise to learn they’re promoting a sale that stopped four months ago? Or seen a franchise place an ad showing a model your company is being sued for using?

In talking with a fortune 50 company, they expressed frustration at finding that 28 photo shoots had been commissioned by separate franchises, all for the same product. 28 shoots! You don’t need us to help you understand just how expensive that is. With a DAM platform this company could have taken one photo shoot and uploaded it. Then a separate franchise that wanted to advertise this particular product would have simply checked the site and used the pictures already taken. This saves money, but using this content across the different channels would have allowed a customer to more easily identify the product because each channel would have had a similar picture.

Enter Mainstream Data. Using our asset management system, your company could produce one piece of content and reuse it multiple times instead of creating something new for every promotional or educational effort. This means you have more time to devote to creating new content for those things, which again you can reuse. Productivity would increase exponentially and, odds are, your bottom line would like it too.

Time and money.

See how everything ties together?

If you’d like to learn more, download our eBook “Managing Brand Assets” and see more examples of how a DAM platform will help you improve your company’s ROI on your content.

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