DAM and Cross-Vertical Marketing

cross-vertical-marketingWhen it comes to managing digital assets, a company always wants to get the most out of what it has to offer and what products it provides. After all, who wouldn’t want to get multiple usages out of a single product rather than spending money and time on the labor it takes to provide another product?

We’ve shown how cross-channel publishing can optimize content you have and now we want to show ways to maximize revenue potential in different markets. In the vertical market, goods and services are aimed at a specific demographic or need. So how does a brand take a product that may be for one vertical market (or a broader horizontal market) and introduce it into another? By reconstructing and reimagining the given product.

Cross-channel publishing is essentially sharing the same message through different mediums. What differs in cross-vertical marketing is that a product’s message can be engineered for a new use to an entirely different demographic, even one for which it was not originally intended. It’s all about creatively considering the similarities between markets that may share attributes with the one currently being targeted by a company.

A company will want to brainstorm with people in all its corners to determine what vertical markets could be accessed outside. Salespersons, marketing team, investors, and even IT could all have valuable insight and ideas on how to successfully channel into a specialized market. Once the market or markets have been determined for their best potential, the process of reaching it can begin.

There is no better way to accomplish effective cross-vertical marketing than strong digital asset management. MediasBrowser streamlines this process so brand-building across vertical markets isn’t a headache. With MediasFTP, a brand can distribute its photos, videos and text files to agents, partners and customers all over the world at incredible speeds. It is integrated with Mainstream Data’s HAL monitoring system that provides remote access to real-time delivery statistics.

Analytics is supremely important to distinguish which markets are seeing traffic and which ones aren’t. While sticking to YouTube will give you some entry-level analytics at a summary level, MediasBrowser tracks every search, preview, embed, download, share, email, and print, so content owners know the who, when, and where of their content usage.  Mediasbrowser converts these metrics into a comprehensive dashboard that allows key stakeholders to make informed decision about their content direction, sales efforts and channel strategies. This allows stakeholders to decide where they put their money and gain a true understanding of which vertical markets are best targeted for their product.

Assessing vertical markets and discovering new possibilities for what a brand can offer is an exciting reality. Brands should be making an asserted effort to broaden their horizons and take the plunge into adjacent vertical markets.