Broadcasting Joy, Saving Lives

It was a pretty cool experience sitting in the theater watching a movie knowing that only a few days earlier we had delivered that movie via satellite to hundreds of theaters across the country … Bringing happiness to fans all over the country is just a small part of what we do here at Mainstream Data. On any given week we will receive and send out 2-5 feature films via a two-way VSAT satellite system. You had no idea satellites were so cool, did you?

They get even better when you hear about another part of our satellite business: Pagers.

That’s right, pagers. We didn’t know people still used pagers until we started working with a company that operates the largest paging network in the US. While personal pages may have died out with the advent of cell phones, they’re still widely used in the healthcare field (cheaper, more reliable, better coverage). Getting those messages out via satellite can sometimes mean the difference between life or death.

satellite-uplinkWith our really large dish (see pic) in the parking lot we send the data on AMC-15 which gives us a very good cover over all of the US (we even send stuff to Hawai’i). Between the digital cinema and paging services we have more than 1,500 receivers around the country and in Canada.

Basically Mainstream Data is broadcasting joy across the country AND saving lives, one satellite transmission at a time. The best part is that I’m not even exaggerating. Read more about Mainstream Data’s satellite services on our website, or you can get in contact with us to learn more about how Mainstream Data can serve your needs.

Keep in touch. We’ll have more blog posts about what we do here at Mainstream Data and they’ll all be interesting.

Andrea Rice, Senior Editor