Another Round of Introductions: Newscom’s Newest Partners

It has never been easier to find what you are looking for on Newscom. With our diverse and ever-growing content collection, the odds of finding exactly what you’re looking for are pretty great. We have our partners to thank for their excellent contributions to our collection. Working with agencies and photographers from all corners of the world makes it truly possible for Newscom to have everything you need from A to Z.

A few months ago we published a brief introduction to some of our newest partners. Since then, we have partnered up with several new agencies that have made some great additions to our content collection.

We wanted to do another round of introductions, and let you get acquainted with some of the newest agencies that we’re working with.


Blend Images

Stock photography has never been this creative. Blend Images’ diverse collection of images focuses on revealing the beauty and vibrancy of different cultures. According to their site, Blend Images is the “premiere destination for ethnically diverse stock imagery.” It’s seriously so refreshing to see an agency that concentrates on celebrates featuring people of different ethnicities in stock photos, but the best part about Blend Images is how almost every one of these stock photos seems to have been carefully crafted. Blend Images hand-picks every image in their 350,000-image collection, so odds are, you’ll never see something you really dislike.

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Our partners at Photoshot recently added NHPA to their spectacular collection. NHPA highlights specialist nature photography, and these are seriously some of the coolest images I’ve seen. NHPA’s got it all – from images of an African safari to adorable images of baby ducklings. You probably won’t be able to stop browsing through this collection and admiring all of the detail. Seriously. (It took me way longer than it should have to write this paragraph because I was counting the rings around NHPA’s image of a 100-something year old tree stump.)

According to their website, “NHPA is widely regarded as one of the best collections of nature and wildlife imagery, with contributions from over 150 photographers, including four ‘Wildlife Photographer of the Year’ winners.”

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BSIP features creative scientific and medical images and illustrations. BSIP’s focus is on portraying all fields of science through a single lens. This agency’s collection is filled with stock images from numerous scientific fields, including images and illustrations of science and medicine, nature and animals, environment, and technology photos and illustrations. BSIP portrays “the inventive complexity and vitality of the human body, its strengths and weaknesses, the human dimension of relations between health care professionals and the patients, as well as the invaluable resources of medical research.” Be honest… how often do you see something scientific that doesn’t either put you to sleep, or just kill your creative vibe? If you’re not into science already, BSIP’s collection will turn you into a total science nerd.

BSIP’s focus on bringing attention to the environmental issues that the earth is facing today is also pretty great… because, well, what would you do without all of that gorgeous nature photography to scroll through when you’re bored?

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StockFood has been one of the world’s leading stock food image sources since 1979. According to their website, they have the “most wide-ranging, high-quality collection of food images and videos available anywhere.” That’s pretty impressive. StockFood really has it all, from images of delectable desserts to vegetables grown in organic gardens. There’s also a whole collection of espresso images that are making me really crave a fancy, over-priced cup of coffee…

Did I mention that several of their images include the recipes needed to create these yummy dishes at home?  I’m tempted to try out one of those recipes, but I’m worried that nothing I’ll cook up will ever look that good. Dare to dream, I guess.

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Minden Pictures

According to their website, Minden Pictures’ collection, “covers key aspects of natural history, ecology, biodiversity, and endangered species from all continents including many remote and isolated regions.” We love Minden Pictures because they bring the obscure and hard to find topics to our collection at Newscom. If you’re looking for pictures of the Popeyed Scorpionfish or the Bat-eared Fox, you’ve come to the right place. I even saw an awesome image of the Humpback Anglerfish… (You might remember this character from the movie Finding Nemo). Capturing that image must have been pretty darn difficult at 2,000 m. deep.

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