62 Million Stories and Still Counting

We understand. It’s not about just having a photo related to whatever the story is about. It’s about getting the story right. The photo isn’t always there to just make the page look prettier (sometimes, on a particularly uninspired night with a deadline, it might be … but usually, it’s not). Because it’s not just about having the best photo that some random photo editor decides they like. Sure it’s pretty; but it doesn’t help with your story. The photo is there to help tell the story. Sometimes the photo is the story. When you’re putting together the whole package, it’s important that the photo tells the right story too. You need to be able to find the right story.

That’s where Newscom excels. Our customers tell us, often, that when they can’t find it anywhere else, they find it on Newscom. We’re set up to succeed that way. A little background: Newscom has partnered with more than 150 photographers, photo agencies, and major news organizations to bring all their content under one technology platform. The concept is simple: the average photo editor already knows and loves these providers, so why bother going to eight different sites to check out their pictures? Come to Newscom and do one search across the best in the business mixed in with great photographers you’ve never heard of. Then check out the pricing right below each photo and download it right there. It’s faster and easier. It’s the best way to work in the photo business.

It works because we have so many partners, and because we don’t edit our collection. So even if the picture you need didn’t seem important enough to the other licensing agencies to save from the editing process, you’ll easily be able to find it on Newscom. We have more than 62 million pieces of content, so I’d say the odds of finding the image you need are pretty good.

To help you tell the full story, Newscom also has text stories, press releases, graphics, cartoons, and caricatures available for download and licensing. Why would you need to go anywhere else?

You don’t. If you’d like to see more of what Newscom has to offer, you can check out the Newscom FocalPoint blog where we feature hundreds of photos each week showing the depth and breadth of Newscom’s collection. Or you can just cut straight to the chase and sign up for a Newscom account right now. Newscom really is the best place for telling your story.

Andrea Rice